Edson Jeune

American dancer and mental health coach Edson Jeune is best known as the ex-husband of Benita Alexander, an American journalist. They exchanged vows on October 12, 2012. They were married in an opulent ceremony on the 130-foot motor boat Star of America in the Hudson River. Sadly, their romance was short-lived. As of 2023, is the ex-celebrity hubby wed? To learn more about his personal and professional life, scroll down.

What is the net worth of Edson Jeune?

The ex-celebrity husband is thought to be worth about $800,000. His work as a dancer and mental health counselor contributed significantly to his wealth. He has surely amassed enormous sums of money because he has been actively engaged in his profession for a long time. Jeune also has the resources to live a lavish lifestyle with his possessions. He gains a respectable level of notoriety via his dancing performances.

Benita Alexander, his ex-wife, has a net worth of roughly $5 million.

She is a well-known TV host. Additionally, the woman’s job as a journalist and TV producer contributed significantly to her wealth. She receives a large salary for her TV work. Additionally, the woman frequently brags about her illustrious life on various media sites. She has the money to support an opulent lifestyle.

Alexander is well-known for her work on the TV programs Crimes Gone Viral and He Lied About Everything.

A few of her other television appearances include Still A Mystery, ID Now, Breaking the Silence, Rock Center with Brian Williams, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Edson Jeune: Who Is He? His Married Life as Told by Benita Alexander

American dancer and mental health coach Edson Jeune is best known as the ex-husband of Benita Alexander, an American journalist. He is now unmarried because there is no information about his most recent romantic relationships. Despite being active on several social media sites, he hasn’t been seen out and about with anyone who seems to be his love interest. There has never been any information about his girlfriend or relationship.

Benita Alexander, an American journalist and TV producer, was Jeune’s first wife. According to reports, they were married on October 12, 2012. They were married in an opulent ceremony on the 130-foot motor boat Star of America in the Hudson River. Also present on their special day were prominent representatives of the entertainment industry as well as friends and family.

Edson Jeune and Benita Alexander are no more together IMAGE SOURCE: Google

Sadly, they were unable to maintain their marriage for very long. They quickly took different routes. According to rumours, the TV producer’s extramarital relationship is what caused their separation. Additionally, other online closets have identified the age difference as the reason for their split. Unlike a dancer, the lady was older.

Benita Alexander was having an affair with Paolo Macchiarini, a doctor. However, neither member of the former couple has publicly discussed their divorce. Benita Alexander and the surgeon appear to be dating at the moment. According to reports, he proposed to her with a ring worth $100,000.

Children and previous associations

Jeune, an American dancer, has kept his previous romances and dating history a secret. Before meeting the journalist, he might or might not have been dating. He has also kept his other relationships outside of Alexander private. The couple quickly ended their relationship and refused to accept any children. The dancer has not yet fathered a child. On his children, there is currently no information.

Benita Alexander, on the other hand, had previously wed John Noel as her first spouse. The couple divorced after approximately six years of marriage in 2009. Together, they have a daughter. Benita Alexander, an American journalist, is her sole parent.

Social Activities and Debates

The American dancer is a frequent user of social media. He can be found on Instagram under the handle @edson jeune. On Instagram, he has 1061 followers and 169 posts. Additionally, his Instagram feed is overflowing with stunning images and videos that show both his personal and professional lives. He frequently posts videos of his dance performances and occasions.

Edson Jeune is a professional dancer IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram

There is currently no information available on his controversies or negative relationships. He appears to have a good relationship with his loved ones and possessions. The man also has strong relationships with his teammates and coworkers. On his Instagram account, he enjoys posting information about his dancing program and introducing his guests. On Twitter, under the handle @edsonjeune, we may also get a glimpse of his personal and business life.

Dimension and physical characteristics

Jeune has a respectable appearance. He appears to be about 5 feet 8 inches tall and 72 kilograms in weight. His physical condition is excellent. The man appears to be younger and more active as well. Without a doubt, his dance career aids in keeping up his attractive and athletic physique. Furthermore, there is no recent evidence of his poor health. He may currently be in good shape and health.

Edson Jeune during an event

Similar to this, the media celebrity frequently continues to work in the public eye and on media platforms. He presents well in every outfit that he wears. The man also had black hair and dark brown eyes.

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The biography and age of Edson Jeune

Jeune was born in Gonave, Gaiti, in 1980. He is 43 years old and of African American ancestry, as though now. He currently resides in New York and has American citizenship. In addition, the boy was born to Kesnel Jeune of Port au Prince, Haiti, and Luna Germain of Dorchester, Massachusetts. On his siblings, there is no information, though. In addition, he gained media attention for being a famous spouse, similar to Preston Cook and Brian Musso.

Facts of Edson Jeune

Full Name Edson Jeune
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1980//
Birth Place Gonave, Gaiti.
Father Name Kesnel Jeune
Mother Name Luna Germain
Social media Instagram

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