Lexi Hensler

Lexi Hensler is a model, actor, and social media influencer. She rose to fame mostly as a result of her Youtube channel, where she posted Vlogs and other types of videos. From a young age, she had an artistic mind and nature. That is the key reason she joined the Platform and began working on similar projects.

Her passion was to create YouTube videos about the topics she enjoyed. However, excelling and gaining a large number of subscribers was not simple for her. Lexi Hensler has put in a lot of effort and made a lot of sacrifices to make this happen.

How much is Lexi Hensler’s Net worth ?

Lexi Hensler’s net worth is estimated to be at $3 million in 2022. Her main source of revenue is YouTube, where she used to upload various types of videos. In exchange, she receives compensation in the form of advertisements and sponsored content.


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She is also a model and actor in addition to all of this. As a result, she is frequently asked to participate in picture sessions for many businesses. As a result, it’s a substantial source of money for her. She also maintains other social media profiles via which she might earn money by marketing products and services.

Biography and Early Life


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In the year 2022, Lexi Hensler will be 24 years old. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 5, 1997. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She also has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from a university in Los Angeles, California.

Family of Lexi Hensler

Her family and she are from Los Angeles, California. Monique Hensler, Lexi’s mother, is the owner of a children’s hospital. She has an older brother as well. She has, however, never mentioned or made public her Father’s and Brother’s identities.

Her mother was the sole member of her family to appear in one of her YouTube videos. Aside from that, no other member of her family emerged online through her profiles.

Status of the Relationship

When Lexi Hensler published a video with her boyfriend, social media users became enthralled. Yes, Christian Wilson participated in the video “Saying yes to my boyfriend for 24 hours,” which had the title “Saying yes to my boyfriend for 24 hours.” She also confirmed that she is dating.

When we talk about Christian Wilson, we’re talking about a well-known motivational speaker. He is the proprietor of the “hope-filled faith-centered anthem.” It’s a non-profit that helps those who are struggling with addiction, anxiety, or despair.

Lexi Hensler Brock hooked up with Christian Wilson in May 2021. She also never admitted to the same thing twice in her life. Because of this, Christian Wilson is the only person who has entered her life.

Physical Appearance and Height

Lexi Hensler stands at a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. According to female height norms, her height is below average. She does, however, have a vivid personality and a distinct sense of style that contributes to her overall attractiveness. She is, on the other hand, around 55 kg, which is a good weight for her age and height. Her physical measurements are 35-26-35 inches, with a shoe size of 6 (US) and a bra cup size of 33C.

When it comes to her physical appearance, she has blue eyes and blonde hair. Meanwhile, her white skin tone adds to the overall appeal and uniqueness of her appearance.

Career and Professional Life

Lexi Hensler used to be just like any other normal girl before she became famous on YouTube. She studies while also participating in extracurricular activities. She does, however, have a desire to work in the entertainment industry at some point in her life.


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That was the driving force for my decision to join the YouTube platform in 2014. She began releasing a variety of films, including experiments, tasks, lifestyle videos, vlogs, and funny material. Her Youtube channel currently has more than 3 million active subscribers.

She launched an Instagram account after becoming famous on YouTube, where she has over 500 followers. Her Instagram account has approximately 2.5 million active followers. She did, however, create a Tiktok account, which has nearly 7.5 million followers.

Facts of Lexi Hensler 

Nick Name Lexi
Real Name Christian Wilson
Birthplace Los Angele, United States
Age 24 Years 3 months 8 days Old
Date of Birth December 05, 1997
Profession YouTube Star
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Highest Qualification BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
University University in Los Angeles
Net Worth $3 million

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